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Digital Arts Studios Belfast, Northern Ireland


Workshops, Exhibitions and Talks

​Net//Work @ DAS Online Exhibition + Opening Event

  • Date: 04/05/21
  • Location: Online
  • Join the Artists to Celebrate Net//Work Online Exhibition and Opening Event

Creating interactive installations and performances using Max/MSP with Richard Davis

  • Date: 14/04/21
  • Location: online
  • Learn how to get started creating basic interactive artworks using Max/MSP & Arduino!

Take your illustrations further using 3D and Grease Pencil within Blender with Will Scobie

  • Date: 16/03/21
  • Location: online
  • Add a new dimension to your 2D drawings and bring life to your artwork using Blender.

Designing Locative Audio Experiences with John D’Arcy

  • Date: 10/03/21
  • Location: online
  • “Fancy going for a walk?” is a phrase we’ve all heard a lot during lockdown, but this week’s Future Labs workshop offers a walk with a difference!

Online music performance using Sonobus with Adam Pultz-Melbye

  • Date: 03/03/21
  • Location: online
  • Have you struggled with sharing decent quality audio over the internet for music performance, rehearsals or interviews? This workshop can help...

Field Recording: Theory and Practice with Aidan Deery

  • Date: 24/02/21
  • Location: online
  • The workshop will provide a valuable insight into sound recording techniques, best use of microphones, equipment and editing software.

Open Electronics with Andrew Bolster

  • Date: 05/02/20
  • Location: Farset Labs, Weavers Court, BT12 5GH
  • This workshop will introduce basic electronics prototyping, and explore the use of sensors / displays to trigger actions and events, including musical and visual compositions.

Spatial Audio for VR and Immersive Installations with Aidan Deery

  • Date: 22/01/20
  • Location: Digital Arts Studios
  • This workshop will introduce you to field recording and sound design for sound installation and VR environments.

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