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Artists in Residence Exhibition at Cotton Court Gallery


This exhibition will present an eclectic mix of work produced by the current cohort of artists working in the studios. The work has been developed over the past four months in residence and the exhibition provides an opportunity for the artists to resolve or test and showcase what they have been working on. The work produced at DAS is inherently experimental, with artists testing new ground. DAS artists don't simply employ digital technologies; they investigate, challenge and pick them apart in pursuit of an individual way to visualise their ideas.

Join us on May the 25th at the opening reception in Cotton Court Gallery from 6 to 9pm. The exhibition runs from 25/05/17 - 10/06/17, 12 - 4pm Wednesdays to Saturdays.


The Work, The Artists

Waves on Water by Robin Price

Robin Price’s artistic practice spans the areas of electronic music, visuals, audience interactivity and creative technology. His creative practice began in nightclubs and electronic music while studying theoretical physics. Douglas Adam's wrote that 'the function of art is to hold a mirror up to nature', similarly the function of physics is to ever more closely model nature, both to better understand and predict it. Invariably all metaphors break down at some point when examined too closely, highlighting the difference between the modelled and model. Robin Price’s generative video Waves on Water takes a mathematical model of the eponymous natural phenomena and examines how it breaks down in interesting ways when pushed.

Seeing the Moment by Helen Hall

Helen is a performer, choreographer and artist. Helen draws on a variety of art forms to explore her creative and choreographic practice; from dance and movement, to photography and film, to printmaking. As a registered blind dancer, and lover of attending dance performance, Helen Hall has experienced viewing dance both with her own limited vision, and also through the aid of audio description (when something visual is described through words for people with limited vision). Helen’s video piece Seeing the Moment explores how we each individually actually ‘see’ dance when it is verbally described. What do we each picture in our mind? Do we each see a different dance? Are there similarities?

Love In A Cold City by Andrew Harrison

Andrew Harrison’s audio-visual piece Love In A Cold City documents many of the abandoned and neglected spaces of Belfast city centre. This is a city without people. But these spaces also act as a blank canvas for artists and activists to express themselves. The messages written on the walls hint towards a city with potential that could be realised if the willpower exists.

North Street by Hannah McBride

In North Street Hannah McBride is focusing on the recent demolition of historic buildings on North Street, exploring the aesthetics of the contemporary urban landscape, making elliptical references to archaeology, classical antiquity, primitivism and landscape painting.

This is a free event and all are welcome! For further information contact DAS on 02890312900 or email

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