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Beyond Dawn by Jason Rasmussen


Jason Rasmussen's work Beyond Dawn is on display in the Glass Box at UUB from the 3rd to 20th of November.

DAS will be hosting a closing reception at the Glass Box on the 13th of November at 1pm. Join us for a glass of wine and a light lunch. All are welcome.

Beyond Dawn by Jason Rasmussen: 'CG Soap explodes in better than life slow motion. It comes out of a perfect virtual soap dispenser. The virgin soap dispenser, forever untouched yet forever purifying, sits in a 20Inch lcd display. The display sits in the left side of a 180cm by 50cm fluorescent light box, in the center of which, the shadow of the real soap dispenser is cast, as it sits just behind the acrylic face but in front of the two parallel fluorescent bulbs. The whole arrangement balances at a slight right tilt on a Camera tripod. The light box has a built in handle on the end opposite the display so as to provide the possibility to level it. The back of the light box remains open, exposing a mess of wires, structural support and the original soap dispenser from which its more perfect version was modeled.

These objects come together as the facade of the perfect, as seen through the soap dispenser. A soap dispenser is a briny tidal zone of the clean and the impure. It offers cleansing but only at the cost of contact with a surface touched by the multitudes, who, with filthy hands seek purity. We now have contact free soap dispensers, but just like the back of the light box They will never be free of the chaos of wires and sensors within. The pure cannot exist with a physical essence. Formed from nothing, the CG model is free of bacteria, wires, dust, and scratches. It is lit in a perpetual beyond dawn. This is a morning where sun sifts through leaves which fall in slow motion and flowers which grow in seconds. Dew stays on fruit forever, yet explodes when you take a bite. The milk in your breakfast cereal dances in antigravity flavor, seducing each spoonful with increasing lust.

This work is not the beyond dawn.'

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