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Black Sun / Postcards from after the Singularity

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Black Sun / Postcards from after the singularity

“This work comes from a series of studies that try to recreate, in an abstract digital fashion, elements of the natural world that I am attracted to. I am drawn to the idea of the Pastoral in the sense of an idealised natural landscape. This works transplants that into an imagined future where the earth is barren and whatever remains of our consciousness exists only digitally. What electronic vistas might we gaze on in such a future? What postcards might we send?

Presented as windows into a future world, the piece invites the viewer to tap on the glass.”

Robin Price recently completed his PhD in composition and creative practice at the Sonic Arts Research Centre Queen’s University Belfast. Prior to arriving in Belfast he studied theoretical physics. He also has an avid interest in club music and visuals, which influence the creative aims and aesthetics of his work. Robin’s work centres on interactivity and technological interventions. He alters everyday devices so that the devices can be seen anew. By basing his interactive works on commonly understood objects he gives his audience a shortcut into how his new devices function while challenging the audiences’ old notion of how they should. Robin’s work examines the playful possibilities of old and new (and sometimes specially invented) technologies.

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