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DAS at the 16th Belfast Film Festival

2016 das bff

Too Shall Pass by Nicky Larkin // Ballymun by Helouise O’Reilly // Jane in Belfast by Laura Cushnahan

Too Shall Pass is a darkly funny, atmospheric film about a young artist called Tef who finds himself in a shady position, surrounded by a pair of vultures. Heroin-dealer Slab and his public-health nurse partner Hozz. Propositioned by Slab and Hozz to take part in a robbery, the young artist Tef is faced with a severe moral dilemma - how far beyond the law will he go in order to fund his art? Too Shall Pass is writer and director Nicky Larkin's first drama. Larkin has directed two feature-length documentaries, most recently The Iron Man - The Michael Thatcher Story. Starring Peter Campion, Gary Lydon & Denise McCormack, produced by Gary Hoctor at Hello Camera. Original score composed by Mark Lyndon.

Nicky Larkin

Ballymun is work about the regeneration of Ballymun, an area in North Dublin, Ireland. The ongoing regeneration has culminated in the near-complete removal of all traces of the failed 1960s social housing experiment. Seventeen years into the regeneration programme, local residents have once again been left without adequate access to local amenities. The work questions the notion of regeneration and the gap between humanity and architecture.

Helouise O'Reilly

Jane in Belfast charts one woman’s observations of Belfast. Filmed throughout the city, the film touches on certain established theories about cities, perceived as widely discussed, but underutilised in architecture and urban design. The short essay film offers an alternative viewpoint on how we might look at Belfast.

Laura Cushnahan was born and studies in Belfast. Initially training in architecture, Cushnahan’s work focuses on the physical and social experience of women in cities, particularly Belfast. She is interested in the feminist filmmaking technique of re-appropriating familiar, or widely understood forms to highlight, or expose, ideas which are otherwise overlooked. In this case, the format of film making in an urban setting is deployed to expose particular theories about cities, perceived as widely discussed but underutilised in architecture and urban design. A narrative has been built around certain aspects of theory, which are widely available in text format, but not before presented in film form.

Laura studied Architecture at Lincoln University, and Ulster University where she is currently undertaking PhD research. This short film fits alongside wider research-based work concerned with investigating the experience for women in Belfast’s urban environment.

Laura Cushnahan

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