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DAS Residents at Cotton Court Gallery

Res show cotton court

Join us on October's First Thursday, from 6-9pm, at the reception of the new exhibition from DAS residents. The exhibition at Cotton Court Gallery will run from the 6th - 27th of October, 1-5pm Wednesday to Saturday.

White Nights by Alessia Cargnelli

In White Nights, one of Fyodor Dostoevsky’s first novels, the story develops over several sequential summer nights. Alessia's work, a video triptych sharing the same title, similarly takes place over several nights in a specific area of Belfast city, namely the Waterworks and neighbouring area. The gathered footage captures a place very different from that experienced in daytime: incredibly still, silent, empty, and unfamiliar. These images are the product of a purely observational practice: the work is unscripted and possible narratives develop organically over the duration.


Untitled “Remake” by Nathan Crothers

This is the story of a man,…


Obsession, Depression & Paranoia by Martin Devek

What we do inside our homes when we are alone, we keep to ourselves, like most of our inner thoughts. We are all striving to look normal, to fit in. What happens inside the mind of an obsessive, depressive and paranoid person who is struggling to look normal, to be in control? This fictional short film portrays a modern woman who masks her mental health problems, yet outwardly she appears unexceptionally normal. The film reveals the many layers that can hide obsession, depression and paranoia.


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