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DAS Residents at the Duncairn Centre

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In partnership with the Duncairn Centre, DAS is proud to present new works by residents Shane Finan, Dan Moxham, Will McConnell, Kathleen O’Leary and Elien Ronse.

Join us at the Duncairn Centre for a drinks reception on Thursday the 2nd of February, from 6-8pm. The exhibition runs from the 30th of January to the 10th of February. Opening hours: 9am-5pm, Monday to Friday.


Shane is creating an interactive, participatory artwork responding to the architecture of the Duncairn Centre as a cultural space built within a church. He is building a structure within an art centre within a church, based on the historical model of a ciborium shelter. His focus is on our interaction with places and ways of looking, told through power structures. Visitors will be invited to come inside, to participate in one or all of a three-stage artwork involving painting, sensors and interactive touch-screens that question the role of place and structures in power systems both historical and current.

Dan is interested in lo-fi techniques and processes. His psychedelic video ‘Transcendental Astronaut’ explores addiction.

Over the last year Will has been working on a video essay series entitled ‘Dreamland’. This screening presents the latest collection of new films in the series, exploring subjects such as: the life of an old Belfast Art Deco cinema, space (physical & virtual), hunting snipe, virtual reality and the Titanic.

Kathleen will screen her experimental documentary film 'Moveable Dimensions' on art and music festivals in Ireland and Spain from’05 and ’11.

During her recent International Residency at DAS Belgian artist Elien stayed overnight in several houses in Ireland, north and south, documenting how people structure their private surroundings. Elien presents ‘Give me carpet any day, carpet doesn’t act like a dick’ and ‘Report 1010216-02122016’, produced during her time in Ireland. By making photos, videos and notes she documents interiors all over the world. The focus lays on what we call private space but what is loaded with common good and shared behaviour.

This exhibition is supported by the Arts Council of Northern Ireland and Belfast City Council.

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