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Designing Locative Audio Experiences with John D’Arcy

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“Fancy going for a walk?” is a phrase we’ve all heard a lot during lockdown, but this week’s Future Labs workshop offers a walk with a difference!

Join QUB Digital Media lecturer John D’Arcy as he uses the free Echoes app to show us how to create unique, site-specific, sound walks where audio is triggered through a smartphone by a listener’s physical position at a GPS location.

From creating audio experiences for the visually impaired and geo-located tourist walks, to helping artists, storytellers and musicians to design unique, site-specific, sound walks, “Designing locative audio experiences with John D’Arcy” will help you experience familiar places in an innovative new way.

To access the workshop, click https://vimeo.com/ondemand/futurelabs03 now.

There is a trailer to view the introduction with content overview.
Access is £5 and you can re-watch as many times as you like within a 30 day period. The money will help fund our arts organisation and allow us to create further content and future workshops.

For any help or information please contact our Creative Technician, Richard Davis: .

Also, check out our Future Labs Podcast!

We have launched a new mini podcast series where our Creative Technician, Richard Davis, chats to each of the workshop facilitators about their content, their own artistic practice and their experiences working throughout the pandemic.

Listen to our third episode with John D'arcy on Anchor.fm or Spotify

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