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​Ethereal: Culture Night 2017

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Ethereal is a new media installation by artists Edmund Eva and George Baldwin, or eegb, who are the winners of the DAS commission for Culture Night 2017.

The installation will be performed on the outer windows of the DAS building, visible from Hill Street. Multiple lasers will fire onto the windows throughout culture night creating continuous but temporary ethereal imagery.

The work will be visible from the street and best viewed as darkness falls.

The artist duo eegb was formed by Edmund Eva and George Baldwin in 2014. Eva and Baldwin are emerging new-media artists motivated by the cultural impact of technology. They are based between the UK and Germany. There is a paradox in their work, which aims to entice and awe an audience with the use of new technologies - while at the same time being critical and suspicious of the societal effects of these processes. The duo was formed around an interest for building machines that draw. Surrendering to mechanical processes and automated programs to obscure the authorship of the work and leave the role of the artist ambiguous. The machines provoked both awe and distress from an audience and revealed a general underlying suspicion and fear of advancing technology. The eegb duo want to move from their drawing machines into more performative work and installations. They want to exploit and play with perceptions of technology and human-robot interactions to provoke a strong response from the audience.

Take a look at the duo’s past work at their website:

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