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Net//Work Online Exhibition

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In January 2021 artists Rita Adib, Maya Chowdhry Mohamed A. Gawad and Tim Shaw joined Digital Arts Studios remotely for the British Council #NetWorkResidency. In partnership with the Golden Thread Gallery, Belfast and Momentum Berlin, the residency at DAS supported the artists via four weeks of reflection, research, practice, skills exchange and professional networking opportunities focused on digital artistic practices and technologies.

Concomitantly, Wysing Arts Centre hosted artists Danielle Brathwaite-Shirley, Uma Breakdown, Leyya Mona Tawil and Nikissi Serumaga, supported by David Blandy.

We are delighted to exhibit the legacy of this #NetWorkResidency @ DAS in NET//WORK, an online exhibition which runs from 4.5.21 to 7.6.21 on

Net//Work Residency - British Council in partnership with Digital Arts Studios and Wysing Arts Centre.

About the work:

‘How can you document the look of a lover’ is a video performance by Rita Adib that investigates the relation between body and borders and how time can be perceived as the barrier.

The performative action captures the body chasing one lost moment and questions; How slow is a glimpse? How patient is love? How strong is the border? How deceptive is memory? How misleading is longing? This video piece is transferred to a virtual immersive experience to liberate the performance from its physical temporal frame for it to belong everywhere.

Galvanising Change’ by Maya Chowdhry is an experiential audio Installation examining climate change, for one audience member at a time. It uses a wearable sensor to measure the audience’s emotional responses to a range of narratives - which are triggered according to the sensor data. “I wanted to have an embodied conversation about climate change that utilised science but was deeper than climate science facts.”

Mohamed A. Gawad visually maps his research into the conditions that shaped a certain period of composer Dimitri Shostakovich's work, and the structural markers embedded in that period.

Tim Shaw presents Net Walk’, a series of online performance walks streamed to a specially made website. Net Walk explores the material characteristics of networked technology through walking incorporating drop outs, distance, distortion, resolution and signal loss into the performance aesthetic. Alongside broadcasting audio and video Shaw will use the walks to collect other data (images, sensor data and GPS traces) to build an archive of personal journeys during this rather strange moment in history.

Images courtesy of the artists (L-R) Rita Adib, Maya Chowdhry, Tim Shaw (photo credit: Bruno Mello), Mohamed A. Gawad.


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