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New Media Drawing Workshop with eegb

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Following their new installation at DAS for Culture Night, Edmund Eva and George Baldwin will be giving a workshop on the processes involved in the making of the work. This will be a creative, new media drawing workshop using Arduino, Processing, Robotics, Lasers and photosensitive mediums. A great workshop for beginners at Arduino/programming and anyone interested in getting into robotics.

This workshop will also be of interest to artists and printmakers used to traditional mediums, due to the innovative use of photosensitive materials.

The robotics of the project (the pan/tilt mechanism and servo motors) are adaptable for lots of other robotics projects including camera mounts, moving sensors, robotic arm projects and so on.

Date: Monday the 25th of September, 1 - 5pm

Limited to 6 participants - (can be more if paired up)

Lesson Plan:

  • Mix some glow-in-the-dark powder paint, point some lasers on them and draw!
  • Set up laser pens with hardware.
  • Play with some basic code and make some drawings.
  • Introduce some more interesting drawing techniques and possibilities.
  • Free time to play

Materials will be included and can be taken away for reasonable additional fee.

Bring your own laptop if you like.

Health and safety: Over 18's only: All participants will be given an outline of what is involved in the workshop at the beginning and will participate at their own risk.

Cost: £20

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