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Presentation by DAS International Resident Mo Sirra

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If it does not blast in Belfast, it blasts in Baghdad

A measurement is only possible between two points (both ends of a line/path)

Why are we building new walls to divide us?

Almost a quarter of a century after the Iron Curtain came down, the walls are going up again. In steel and concrete, with watchtowers and barbed wire, mankind is building separation barriers at a rate perhaps unequalled in history - at least 6,000 miles in the last decade alone, according to a Guardian analysis.

"There are threats all the time," he says. "It doesn't bother us. If all of a sudden there were no threats and everything was totally peaceful, that would be strange." Lee Jae-geun, farmer, Tongil village, demilitarised zone.

Have you ever felt you wanted to know more about the institutional artist self-bordering? He/the temporary resident argues that the educated and in practice artistic vocabularies are regarded as either "a spent force" with little relevance in contemporary culture, or "stagnant"; implying that it no longer commands the dialectics of contemporary cultural practice. It appears no longer to offers artists strategies or methodologies with which to communicate critical cultural, aesthetic or political concerns.

A single resident's opposition can be enough to maintain the status quo. "One voice can veto change for the many" says NBIN's Brendan Clarke.

A set of arguments provide a preliminary means by which to identify the aspects of art practice and questioning the relevance of cultural discourse itself in a period of sweeping political, social, and economic change. To keep the lines open, you are urged to challenge the set of arguments.

Note: It is unnecessary to wear an Easter lily to strive for self-determination.


Do join us for what promises to be a very enlightening talk. A light lunch will be served.

Visit Mo's artist page at http://digital-arts-studios.loc/artists/mo-sirra.

Supported by the Arts Council of Northern Ireland and Golden Thread Gallery.

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