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Soundscape Workshop with David Baxter

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After creating abstract tones, drones and percussive elements, participants will endeavour in layering and mixing their new source material to create their own personalised soundscapes.

Granular synthesis is a powerful digital audio technique that can be used to generate a huge array of textural and tonal elements. One of its key abilities is seamlessly stretching recorded audio to create astounding long lasting tones based on relatively short samples.

This approach of composition and sound design is suitable for ambient music production, soundtracking and installation. The course is suitable for beginners and anybody interested in experimenting with digital audio.

Using Granulab, Audiomulch and Ableton the course will cover sourcing material, Digital Signal Processing, editing and basic mixing techniques.

Soundscape Workshop Content

1) Sourcing audio
2) Using Granulab's synthesis engine
3) Constructing simple FX algorithms in Audiomulch
4) Real time MIDI control
5) Editing material in Ableton
6) Mixing in Ableton

David Baxter is a freelance audio artist from Belfast working in interactive media. He has previously worked at Big Motive, Jam Media and Southern Regional College in roles including Digital Producer, Digital Artist and Music Technology Lecturer. David also produces music under the alias Kab Driver and co-founded Belfast label and club night Reset Industries.

Places are limited to six people so early booking is essential. The workshop costs £30 for members of DAS or VAI, or £45 non-members rate.

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