Digital Arts Studios Belfast, Northern Ireland


Spatial Audio for VR and Immersive Installations with Aidan Deery

Spatial audio 2

This workshop will introduce you to surround sound field recording techniques and sound design for surround sound and VR environments.

The workshop will provide a thorough background into the science of sound (with an extensive range of examples) and run through the techniques of sound capture and installation. Participants will use a range of field recorders and microphones to capture individual audio, which they will subsequently spatially edit using Reaper 64.

This workshop is facilitated by Aidan Deery, a Belfast based composer and sound artist. Making use of field recordings, Aidan’s work ranges from fixed medium compositions to pieces for instrument and live electronics. His work has been showcased throughout Europe, North America and South America. Aidan also collaborates with Matilde Meireles to form the field recording duo bunú.

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This workshop is priced at £60 for the two days.

Future Labs is kindly funded by Belfast City Council.

Principal funder: Arts Council of Northern Ireland.

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