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Digital Arts Studios Belfast, Northern Ireland


10-Year Retrospective Publication Now Available

‘To celebrate this important milestone, we have produced this booklet showcasing many of the artists who have been resident in the studios over the years. As well as illustrating the large number of artists who have benefited from DAS, it reveals the remarkable ways in which visual artists have employed digital technologies. Over the past ten years, the studios have built up an archive of experimental and innovative artwork, which we are working towards making publicly available as a resource for artists, curators, students and academics.
In celebrating ten years of the Digital Arts Studios, we are really celebrating the visual arts in Northern Ireland, for it is visual artists and their ambitions and desires to work with new media and technologies that gives DAS its raison d’être. Indeed we must not forget our origins in Queen Street Studios, for without the hard work of QSS artists and board members, DAS would not have come into being. Queen Street Studios created the Digital Studios for the benefit of visual artists and provided them with a valuable resource. DAS will ensure that it not only maintains this valuable resource but that it continues to improve and extend its support for visual artists.’ Excerpt from ‘A Decade of Digital Arts Studios’ in the retrospective publication, by Angela Halliday.

All past artists-in-residence and current members of the Digital Arts Studios can pick up their free copy at DAS.

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