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DAS Support Hub

Introducing our new support hub for artists and organisations

The DAS Support Hub is a new provision for artists, arts organisations or groups to gain expert technical help, advice and training. The aim of this support provision is to assist you in the development of your skills to create new digital work, to gain specific technical knowledge or simply point you in the right direction.

You can book an initial free 15 minute consultation with us to discuss the type of support you require and what it might involve. Examples might include:

Technical support for an upcoming exhibition/installation eg. researching the types of monitors, projectors, speakers or even interactive sensors you could use.

Help you source the specialist equipment you require for your projects or exhibitions.

Help you find appropriate software/hardware for your project, including video/sound editing, coding, 3D modelling, projection mapping or help with cameras and microphones.

Support to connect you with a suitable artist to help you develop your project work.

Perhaps you might want to discuss specific workshop tuition for yourself or organisation

Book your initial consultation with our technician Richard by emailing We will then organise a phone call or zoom chat to discuss the type of help you need. If further technical support or training is required, it can be provided at a cost based on the duration and the number of participants involved.

The basic rate for artists is £20 per hour but shorter time slots can be discussed. Organisation / Group rates will be dependent on the number of participants.

Digital Arts Studios Members receive 25% off (DAS membership is £30 p/year).

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