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Future Labs returns

Today we are excited to launch our latest round of Future Labs workshops!

Today we are excited to launch our latest round of Future Labs workshops and mini podcast series!

Future Labs is a creative, innovative training programme for artists that aims to provide training and technical support for artists who wish to experiment with new and emerging technologies, to broaden and enhance their artistic practice and indeed, advance employability.

The main aim of the programme is to support artists to diversify, upskill and engage with new technologies. Through a series of workshops, drop-in sessions and site visits, Future Labs will provide digital hardware, software and critical thinking, facilitating networking and collaboration within professional working environments. Future Labs links artists with professional technologists to explore new methods and gain greater insight into contemporary practice.

The Future Labs project aims to equip artists with employable skill sets through technical and skills-based workshops encompassing aspects of new technology software and hardware as well as developing their creative vision within their own unique practices to enable them to create new and innovative works.

This new programme facilitates creative learning and exploration into how digital content is created through programs and hardware such as Blender, Max/MSP, Sonobus, Echoes, Reaper, Arduino, sensors and DMX lighting.

With the pandemic still ongoing, we’ve developed the programme format to become a series of online workshops which you will be able to access and re-watch in your own time within a 30 day period.

The Future Labs programme will include:

- Field Recording: Theory and Practice with Aidan Deery

- Online music performance using Sonobus with Adam Pultz-Melbye

- Designing locative audio experiences with John D’Arcy

- Translate your drawings into a digital 3D environment using Blender with Will Scobie

- Creating interactive installations and performances using Max/MSP with Richard Davis

- - Part 1: Using sensors and Arduino to create basic interactions

- - Part 2: Controlling DMX lighting

(More content will be added to the programme over the coming months).

Every Wednesday we will release a new workshop and we start today with Field Recording: Theory and Practice with Aidan Deery.

We are also launching a new mini podcast series today where our Creative Technician, Richard Davis, chats to each of the workshop facilitators about their content, their own artistic practice and their experiences working throughout the pandemic.

Listen to our first episode with Aidan Deery on or Spotify!

Make sure to check back every Wednesday for another workshop, sign-up to our mailing list and keep an eye on our social media.

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