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Digital Arts Studios Belfast, Northern Ireland


Home Residency Moves Online

The Home Residency at DAS has traditionally offered artists four months to work on a specific project of their choice, developing their skills and artistic practice.

We have successfully tested and delivered UK & International Residencies early in 2021 (see www.dasnetworkresidency.com) and are confident that we can continue to make our Home Residency a rewarding and valuable residency experience via online interactions, showcasing and learning. With this is mind, we are developing our website and online presence to specifically support artists. 

DAS Home Residency Online will provide artists with:

- Access to a series of online workshops by various creative professionals, including those featured in our Future Labs 2021 programme.

- A series of artists’ talks.

- A set of planned seminars where discussion and peer review can take place guided and hosted by the DAS Residency Coordinator.

- Artists will benefit from an enhanced page on our website that will feature more content including video.

- Artists will also be able to participate in an online exhibition which will be hosted on the DAS website.

- Artists will continue to have access to DAS audio-visual equipment, and other resources through pre-arranged, safe meetings and pick-ups.

The deadline for applications is 26th March. 

For more information and to apply visit https://digitalartsstudios.com/residencies . 

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