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Our second workshop in Blender...

Our latest Future Labs workshop focuses on character design, 3D Modelling and animation using Blender. It is a perfect compliment to our other Blender workshop which focuses on its Grease Pencil feature and drawing 2D within a 3D environment. You can view the trailer to the workshop below!

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Blender: Character Design, 3D Modelling & Animation with Dragos Musat

This workshop is aimed at anyone who wishes to incorporate 3D art into their workflows and is new to
3D modelling or would like to learn the fundamentals of 3D modelling, sculpture and animation using Blender.

Dragos will introduce you Blender and how to create characters using 3D modelling and sculpture. It will also introduce you to basic animation techniques within Blender to get your characters moving!

You will learn:
- How to create and control dynamic forms
- How to best approach digital sculpting
- How to incorporate lighting and render your model
- How to create basic animations

Dragos Musat is a visual artist, graphic designer and music enthusiast originally from southeastern Romania. As a visual artist, Dragos is always challenging the boundaries between traditional and digital mediums. His digital animations feature a playful fusion between anatomy and sacred geometry, where fractal imagery merges with the human form.

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