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Digital Arts Studios Belfast, Northern Ireland


Ten Years of the Digital Arts Studios – DAS 2003 - 2013

The Digital Arts Studios began as an addition to the long established Queen Street Studios. Set up by artists within Queen Street Studios, the Digital Studios, as they were then known, addressed artists’ needs for access to computer hardware, software and audio-visual equipment and quickly became a valuable and well-used resource.  2003 - 2013 has been an incredible and important journey, not least because of the participating resident artists, our members, the artist facilitators, and the many friends who have supported DAS, but also because of the natural growth of the organisation, which demonstrates the rude health of the arts in Northern Ireland. 

In the past ten years we have hosted 26 international artists, 65 UK & Ireland Artists and provided ten residency awards. We have hosted countless workshops, talks, exhibitions and screenings and have facilitated numerous outreach projects. We have witnessed the death of analogue, the birth of the tape-free record-directly-to-hard-drive camera, indeed multifarious continual developments in technology, all of which we have enthusiastically strived to keep up with.

However, the best part of the journey has been observing how artists have approached these changes and utilised digital technologies in their work. The work produced from the Digital Arts Studios has been undeniably varied, innovative, avant-garde, sometimes mind-bogglingly hi-tech and occasionally nostalgically lo-fi!

The Digital Arts Studios is proud to mark this milestone and is delighted that its tenth year sees the organisation in new premises, having relocated in July 2012. We are marking these achievements with the launch of our brand new website that focuses on past artists in residence and in the coming months we will be releasing a publication recording and celebrating the past ten years. Many of our past resident artists will be featured and we will look back at our history as well as looking forward to the continued growth and development of the Digital Arts Studios.

Throughout 2013 we will be hosting some anniversary events and we hope you can join us to celebrate ten years of DAS. Anniversary activities and details on the publication will be featured in the events or the news section of our website. You can also contact us for more information or request to be added to the mailing list for our email-news bulletins at our contact page: http://digitalartsstudios.com/contact

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